Questions Concerning Your Personal Finances or Small Business Finances/Operations

Questions Concerning Your Personal Finances or Small Business Finances/Operations

Yesterday I had a conversation with a couple who had previously owned a small business and are now retired. They told me that my daughter,Robin, had given them a copy of my book "the Journey" and that they had thoroughly enjoyed it. They particularly enjoyed some of the anecdotes concerning hiring folks who know more than you in certain areas.

I started thinking and decided that maybe I can be helpful to those small business owners that are starting a business or endeavoring to grow their small business. Also, I believe there are many of you that have questions concerning your personal finances and are unsure where to go to get an answer.

As a result, I decided to use this website to allow folks to ask financial and business related questions applicable to their small business or theeir personal situation. I will try to answer them as honestly as I can and if I don't have an answer I will try to indicate where to go to try to get an answer.

There is no charge for this but I hope that you will read my book and recommend it to others if you fell that it warrants it.

The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & noble, Walmart and a number of other book organizations.

As they say,"the best is yet to come."



April 15,2023

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