Bank Account Reconciliation Method

Bank Account Reconciliation Method

I am going to show you what I believe is a simple method to reconcile your bank account. I know that many of you still do not attempt to reconcile your account but you should and it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

At the end of each month the bank tells you that your statement is ready. You should download/print that statement, have your checking account book and then you are ready.

First take a piece of paper and set up two columns: Per Bank and Per Books. Next you will begin with the balance at the end of the month per your bank statement and per your checkbook.

Assuming the following assumptions:

  • Checks that we have written but have not cleared the bank $1,800.
  • Deposits made at end of month but not showing in bank balance $300.
  • Deposit made and reflected in bank balance $400. but we forgot to include in checkbook.
  • Bank fees that we have not included in checkbook $150.
  • Ending Balance: $4,250. (Per Bank)/ $2,500. (Per Books

The next step is to reflect these changes in either the column Per Bank or Per Books .


If you have any questions write me an email! Happy Reconciliation!

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